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Who We Are

Museradio.fm was dreamt up one day not so long ago by Lilly & Olivia. The project came together because of our mutual love for discovering and sharing great music, and what we believe is a real need for this service. Plus, with our diverse professional backgrounds in the fields of music consulting, branding, marketing and design, we thought that we’d make a great team!

Its been a slow start getting our beta site up, but after many months of brainstorming and tweaking of the site, we are ready and evermore inspired.

Thankfully we are neighbors, which helps with our often unsynchronized schedules. And hey, can’t complain that it takes 2 minutes to get to work! Many a playlist has been created over home-made Abel & Cole lunches in Lilly’s North Kensington home (aka our office). Good food is always good inspiration…

When we’re not concentrating on perfecting our museradio.fm mixes, Olivia is usually concocting some new design technology idea while Lilly invents a new recipe and is endlessly brewing tea to keep us well fed and hydrated.


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