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Screen shot 2011-11-16 at 18.27.29Global Style Hunters, Nov 2011 issue

“Log on to museradio.fm and you can listen to the global finds of 31-year old Iranian DJ and composer Lily Farhad Farmaian who travels to festivals in Zanzibar and beyond to pick up new and old rare sounds from street musicians”

*they got my name totally wrong (they added my brother’s name to mine and omitted my last name) and I am not a composer, but hey, we’re still glad they mentioned museradio.fm even if their fact-checker is on holiday!

Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 17.20.40What is museradio.fm and how did it come about?
Museradio.fm is a website where you can discover great music. We put together mixes inspired by a mood, place or project, with the only restriction being we have to love every song. Read More…

alittlebirdDon’t you wish you knew somebody who had the best taste in music and could fill you in about all the latest, greatest bands? Well now you do with our latest discovery: museradio.fm. Set up a by two friends, Lilly Ladjevardi, who combines researching world music for the BBC with creating soundtracks for businesses, together with tech expert, Olivia Koerfer, museradio is an online music platform with specially created playlists that you can stream straight to your computer or download from i-tunes. Read More…

Trying to find something to listen to this summer that you haven’t heard before? Try Museradio, a website created by friends Lilly Ladjevardi and Olivia Koerfer. Lilly is an esteemed world music expert and Olivia is the founder of the travel website globalista. Initially, Museradio began for “friends, and friends of friends” with an eclectic sensibility who wanted to be introduced to new music on a regular basis. The premise is simple- it hosts different carefully curated playlists. Read More…


When suffering Top 40 fatigue, or embarrassed by our ‘Most Played’ on iTunes, we wish we had an achingly hip friend to send a playlist of unknown but awesome artists our way. Well now, thanks to girls-in–the-know Lilly & Olivia and their creation museradio.fm, you’ll never be shamed by your iPod again. Read More…

Daily Candy

Your relationship with your iPod is akin to the one you have with your dentist — check in sporadically but don’t invest too much time or money.

Rather than expose your outdated music library by playing cheesy tracks from Now 2007 at your next party, tune in to Museradio. Read More…

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