Que Lindo Suena

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los-machucambosThis collection of songs was inspired by a recent Marta Topferova concert and the passing of Lhasa de Sela, two of the best contemporary interpreters of Latin folk music.

Moving from Mexico to Cuba, Andalusia, Venezuela, Peru and Brazil, we travel across the Latin world  touching upon some of its many rich traditions. Included are strong renditions of folk classics such as La Llorona, Maria Lando and Macorina as well as original works, both contemporary and past, in a similar vein.

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1. Tonada del Cabastrero – SIMON DIAZ
2. Los Hermanos – MARTA TOPFEROVA
3. Macorina – CHAVELA VARGAS
4. El Desierto – LHASA DE SELA
6. Defeito 2: Curiosidade – TOM ZÉ
7. Caminemos – LOS PANCHOS
8. No Habra Nadie En El Mundo – BUIKA
9. Que Lindo Suena – RADIOKIJADA
10. Saudade Feat. Julieta Venegas – OTTO
11. Gauteque Campesino – GUILLERMO PORTABLES
12. Tres Palabras – LOS MACHUCAMBOS
13. Largo El Camino – MARTA TOPFEROVA
14. Maria Lando – SUSANA BACA
15. Cancion Cubana – Edmundo Ros
16. Manha Azul – MARIANA AYDAR
17. Paz Pão E Amor – WALDEMAR BASTOS

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