Wait What is the brilliant remix project of the San Francisco-based Charlie Kubal.


The first of his project’s that I fell upon, and that has blown up on the internet is the Notorious XX, which mixes the music of the deceased 90’s rapper, Notorious B.I.G., with the newly popular UK electro group the XX. It’s an unusual pairing, combining Biggie’s gangsta rap with the sparse rhythmic guitar and sweet female vocals of the XX’s self-titled debut album. He has managed to bring together these vastly different styles, creating something new and compelling, while not comprising the integrity of either. Very good stuff. (Read interview on the project here).

Sadly, Biggie’s label requested that the album be taken off the internet, but Im sure you can find it with a thorough google search. To Wait What’s point, its disappointing that the label couldn’t see the value of reviving interest in the original album as well as introducing his work to fans of the XX, an entirely different audience.


His other album, This is Real Life, combines different hip hop artists such as eminem and Jay Z with contemporary groups such as MGMT, M.I.A and Miike Snow. Sometimes three or four artists are mixed up into one song. This album you can download from his website: http://waitwhat.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-real-life

Apart from the original and awesome results of Wait What’s efforts, he seems to be the coolest guy. He makes all of his work available for free (although if you choose to pay it all goes to a great charity supporting youth music writing) and has a really open and humble attitude, inviting feedback, to get in touch and expressing his gratitude to everyone out there who spread the word.

You can check out an interview with him here: http://webrushourteethwithgin.com/685910/Wait-What-Music

Serious respect to this artist. Check him out and spread the love.

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