Who are Warpaint?

November 8th, 2010

Warpaint are composed of four ladies based in LA, and have just released their debut album The Fool

Harmonized female vocals, sometimes three at a time, high pitched, almost ethereal.

Melodic and  melancholic, with simple guitar melodies, a drum kit and keyboards.

Although there are moments of dissonance, and heavy reverb rock guitar playing, they know when to stop, when to let the song breathe with space and silence. And I can hear the different elements of song clearly (something I find distinctly lacking in many contemporary indie rock albums).

There is nothing extraordinary or super original about Warpaint, they are just good. Their songs get under my skin with their melancholy and beauty. Especially the layered voices, and how they change throughout the song.


I don’t know much about them, but as I listen I keep getting drawn back to certain songs. From The Fool, the songs I like the best so far are (in no particular order): Undertow, Shadows, Composure, Baby and Lissie’s Heart Murmur.

You can listen and buy from itunes UK here.

You can also check them out here on our museradio.fm Amazon store, where we post our favorite albums in mp3 and CD format.

Warpaint also released an EP, previous to The Fool, called Exquisite Corpse.

The future of museradio.fm

June 23rd, 2010

It has been almost a year since we launched museradio.fm and  we’re constantly racking our brains and trying to figure out if we can turn this labour of love into a business.

So after many discussions, much debate and advice from people who know more than us (there are not many around but we did find some ;-) ), we have decided to take the bold step and go for a subscription model. The ‘everything-free-all-the-time’ model that has seen the internet grow at a phenomenal rate is clearly unsustainable and people are beginning to understand that for quality, you have to pay.

Before you start typing your exclamatory comments, let me just mention that there will still be free content on the site and that the monthly subscription, which will give you access to all the past playlists and some exclusive content, will be ridiculously cheap! Less than a pint at the pub in fact. Plus we will be bringing you a brand new site with vastly improved features as well as great podcasts spotlighting some of our favourite artists.

OK, now you can type your comments! We would love your feedback on this, so please drop us a note below or send us an email at olivia (at) museradio (dot) fm or lilly (at) museradio (dot) fm.

Take the Survey

January 15th, 2010

Lilly and I are gearing up to take museradio to the next stage and thereby hopefully creating a sustainable business whilst bringing you the best service possible and of course lots of great music.
If you have not done so yet, please take a minute to take our survey. We read and take onboard all your feedback so please tell us what you think!

Come and join us for some mulled wine and fondue!

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We are very excited to be embarking on our second collaboration with the red-hot menswear brand Hentsch Man.

museradio.fm will be providing the sounds for the opening party tomorrow night as well as throughout the life of the pop-up stop in London’s Mayfair. Come check it out!

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Xmas gift idea

November 19th, 2009


No time to download our mixes to ipod?

Why not let us do the work for you…

We will upload all our mixes onto a brand new iPod of your choice it would be the perfect gift for you or for a friend!

For a 2GB iPod shuffle
• Includes all 7 museradio mixes purchased for you and uploaded to a brand new ipod shuffle (you choose the colour).

For a 8GB iPod nano or 8GB iPod touch
• Includes all 7 museradio mixes purchased for you and uploaded to the ipod PLUS an exclusive mix of your choice (”At the Chalet” or “Island Life”)

Please email us for prices and more details or inquiries:


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